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Japan Remodeling & Building Materials Webinar

02/01/2017 - 02/01/2017
Registration Deadline: 01/29/2017

Join EBPA for this free webinar about Japan's growing remodeling market and opportunities for US building materials.

Speakers will present information about Japan government policies to stimulate home remodeling, specific products in demand, and various types of remodeling companies that have emerged. They will also present the results a surveys of builders and remodelers about the types of remodeling projects that are most often requested. Ms. Braden will share information about government funding assistance for US exporters and EBPA’s upcoming building materials trade mission to Japan.


Summary of the Trade Trends for 2016, Overview of Japan Demographics and Outlook for the Future of Housing and US Building Materials Consumption in Japan
- Dr. Ivan Eastin, University of Washington

Japanese Builder Remodeling Activities, Impact of Government Subsidies, and Emergence of One-Stop Remodelers
-Dr. Daisuke Sasatani, University of Washington

US Government Financial Assistance for US Exporters & Upcoming Japan Trade Mission
 -Rose Braden, Director, Evergreen Building Products Association

Question & Answer Session

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