Hamilton Manufacturing, Inc. (HMI)

ContactChristy Hamilton
Mailing Address901 Russet St., Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
Email 1christy@hmi-mfg.com
Web Sitewww.hmi-mfg.com

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Main Products
Hydro Seeding Mulch and Insulation.

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Main Services

1. Equipment Training

2. Project Consulting

3. Product Training

Hmi (Hamilton Manufacturing, Inc.), specializes in the formulation, manufacturing, and distribution of wood and wood cellulose hydro seeding mulch and blown-in insulation materials.

Hmi manufactures and distributes a variety of wood and cellulose hydro seeding products that are primarily used for erosion control, revegetation, and mine and fire restoration. We have a mulch that will create the perfect solution for any type of revegetation or soil stabilization project.

Our insulation products are equally diverse and effective. We pride ourselves on our customer service and vast knowledge of the industries that we market our product to.

Hamilton Manufacturing Inc. is made up of a highly skilled team of trained professionals that are readily available to help when creating and executing plans in the erosion control and green building industries. Our products have been used in numerous ecosystems around the world and have consistently been proven to be effective and efficient during third party lab testing as well as in the field.
Staff : 14   Sales : $3,000,000